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Lean and Green Consulting

What separates us from all the other lean consultants is our general management experience and ability to tailor lean implementations to the precise operating needs of your manufacturing environment. We competently guide you away from the haphazard deployments that many companies have experienced in attempting to apply a "one size fits all" lean template.

We use our exclusive e-Power Discovery Assessment process and focus on time-proven, critical success factors related to lean transformation:

  • Business type considering product nature and bills of material; production execution method; and scheduling approach (e.g., build-to-order, build-to-stock, repetitive, etc.)
  • Root causes of waste
  • JIT and demand flow as relevant production drivers
  • Line layouts and value stream flows
  • Machine designs and related lean progress limiters
  • Sufficiency of asset maintenance practices
  • Six Sigma process control discipline
Our competitors talk lean thinking and tools. We talk specific improvements and deliver financial results. Plus, we offer IT systems that become key enablers in taking your lean implementations to the next level.