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In today's challenging economy, all manufacturers are seeking competitive advantage through operational excellence. Our e-Power for Manufacturers discovery assessment is a critical first step for virtually any initiative focused on improving operating performance.

In their assessments, our competitors simply provide value stream maps of the resources you see in this adjacent photo (i.e., people, machines and inventory). We look at operations far more incisively and identify underutilized resources, root causes of waste, low levels of eco-efficiency, and areas offering rapid and continuous improvement opportunities. We build customized lean roadmaps, and as a second stage, design leading edge software apps that extend and sustain measureable business results.


e-Power_Benefits_Box.pngThrough our innovative e-Power methodology, we get projects focused, tactical operating needs defined, and best practices implemented. From lean transformations to entire P2E integration projects, our manufacturing know-how and total commitment as a business partner, add solid footings to your improvement initiatives.